The sirens in your head

lets dive into the concept of thought a little deeper. After all these are the lovely by products of a beautiful tool called our mind that once not used in the proper way can steer our lives into unknown and uncontrollable areas instead of into our unknown potential. How do we relate to thoughts anyway? The first step is to recognize that you are not your thoughts but the observer of them. Stil we don’t seem to easily manage to release ourselves of the cycles that we’re caught in. When our core gets quiet thoughts start passing by like cars and we just cannot resist to get in and take the trip. What makes you get in instead of just watching them pass by? Let’s take a closer look here. Some thoughts are alarming as they awake some kind of fear. Imagine it now like this ambulance or a police car passing by. It’s not the average car and you recognize this specific kind of car for.. you’ve seen them before and you know what they do. You start asking yourself all kinds of questions out of worry or curiousity. Still YOU choose to think those thoughts instead of letting go immediately like with the previous hundreds of cars that past by before. Once you step in you become the victom of your own minds fantasy. Probably it will tie you as you lay down and feel paralyzed by the thoughts you are feeling. Okay so this is what can happen in a worst case scenario but it happens to many of us. We observe a thought..we recognize it yet still decide not just to watch but to GET IN. Again and again and again…… the sirens in your head are gonna want you.. ALIVE or dead. Think about the following. What would your life look like if you would be attached to every single car that passed by for at least 10 min. How much peace would you feel? The next time see the sirens for what they are, alarms passing by. Detach and LET GO. Choose to no longer BE the sirens but merely the observer. Let the feeling pass through your body and see them float away like the echoing sounds of an ambulance fading and desolving into the sky of your own truth.
You know that you are not your thoughts. Choose to act accordingly.

Life is just a ride
get to decide