What are the odds of your dreams coming true… or let me put it this way. Are YOU gonna let them come trough? Cause in the end it’s always and only YOU blocking yourself. Blocking yourself by lettting the outside world get to you. In whatever way that is. How about all those big guys that struggled to their goals. Hunting for the big fish in the open sea. They had to sit for hours, pulling up their fishing rods. Quess what.. NO they did not hit BINGO with their first try. They tried anyway just for the fun of it. Because they just KNEW the sea was full of it and it was just a matter of time and perseverance. So now… are you gonna give up. Are you gonna let the outside world tell you that it’s not possible to catch a fish? or do you trust against all odds.. against all nots that one day something huge will be hanging on your fishing rod. Catching fish is life, it’s the food that nourishes our soul until we actually reach that goal. Believe in abundance for we all have the right to eat and live. And always remember the sea changes her face every day and no stream will be the same for longer then a second. Chances are glistering on the rise and pull of each new wave. Get out there in the open and wild. Against all nots and prove them wrong! oh and one tip… don’t go for the sardine… keep it exciting